Capital Campaign

Phase 2 of our Capital Campaign is underway. Phase 2 funds will go towards the renovation of the Undercroft. The word Undercroft comes from crypta or crypt. In olden days this is where the treasures of the church were kept. This is very apropos for our undercroft, for it is a treasure of our church. From the beginning it was the community gathering place for the church, where services were first held, to Sunday school rooms and church offices, to the early years of Yellow Brick Road. The Undercroft has been an important part of the life of our parish.

We now need to renovate the space and make it again a useful focal point for many of our ministries. During the presentation we outlined the uses of the space, including choir rehearsal and office spaces, refurbished sacristy, new secure community room, handicapped restrooms, and an open space for general use by the congregation and our many ministering committees.

The cost is estimated to be around $300,000. Thanks to phase I of our capital campaign we have already raised $100,000. In Phase II, with your help, we will raise the remaining $200,000. Plans have been drawn and Pat Hennis, a local contractor, has been selected to do the work; however, we will not start construction until all the funds have been pledged. Our hope is to have the Undercroft completely restored by Labor Day. There are many naming opportunities, including a sacristy lift, which will assist the Altar and Flower Guilds do their work. You can ask members of the Capital Campaign Committee for more details. The enclosed brochure describes the ways you can help us achieve our goal for Phase II. I hope that you will consider helping us restore the Undercroft to its former glory and usefulness.

Yours in Christ,


Woody Sadler

Campaign Chair

Committee Members:

Tom Gosse, Bob Glidden, Mo Littlefield, Doug Cumming, Susan Cross, James Keane, Sharon Massie