Children and Youth At Grace Episcopal Church

Rise and Sing, Undercroft, 9:15 to 9:30
Please join our new Minister of Music, Martha Burford as we start each Christian Education time playing instruments and singing songs of praise!

Christian Education in the Atrium for ages 3 -12, 9:30, 3rd Floor
We have converted the old preschool classroom into an Atrium – a Montessori-based enrichment space where children can hear, ponder, and celebrate the essential messages of the Christian faith as revealed in the scriptures and the liturgy with hands-on activities (“works”).  We think that the children will enjoy the higher level of activity that this format offers them.  Please come visit the new space and encourage your children to try it out. If you or your High School age child would like to volunteer one Sunday a month to help with the Atrium, please contact Megan Hess.

Confirmation, Canterbury Room, 9:15
Grace Episcopal Church will host a joint confirmation class with
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church for seventh through ninth graders this school year. Mary Price and Holly Pickett will lead the class, which is designed to prepare youth to understand, appreciate, and affirm the baptismal vows made on their behalf when they were younger.

A nursery is provided starting at 9:00 am and
continuing through the 10:30 am service.

Children’s Chapel resumes September 16
Children's Chapel is offered during the 10:30 service. The children follow the children's cross to the chapel after the reading of the Gospel and a special prayer. Children's Chapel is a time for the children to hear the gospel story at their developmental level and pray for the needs of the church and the world. They return to the church at the passing of the peace. You are welcomed to attend Children's Chapel with your child!


Godly Play & Cherub Choir Tuesdays starting September 18
3:30 – 4:30, Atrium, 3rd floor Parish House
(ages 3 through first grade)

Godly Play provides a time and a space for children to engage with God and with the story of God’s people in the Bible. A Godly Play session includes a time to gather in a circle to listen to a story, a time of wondering, and a time for children to respond to the story through art or creative play. In addition to Godly Play, a Cherub Choir begins at 4 pm, with parents free to join at 4:20-4:30 to learn Family Songs for Blessings.






The Youth of
Grace Episcopal Church
are valued parishioners and take an active role in our worship by acolyting,
lay reading, and

singing in the choirs.

We regularly participate in DIOSWVA's youth events,
FYE, Happening, SYE, Youth@Convention and YMT.

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