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A Message From Our Rector, Tuck Bowerfind

“The LORD my God my shepherd is; how could I want or need?” F. Bland Tucker para Ps 23:1

Dear friends,

Please know that I am holding you in my prayers and ask you to hold each other in prayer during these anxious and uncertain times.
During this crisis we are called to be present with and empower one another with resources to support decisions for more abundant life.

Being Present through pastoral care, worship and meeting.


Our Pastoral Care leaders are getting in touch with members over 60 who live alone or with chronic/acute illness. We want to be in touch if you are quarantined. Please let us know. Don’t go this alone! 


Following the guidance of our Bishop, Grace Episcopal will suspend congregational worship until further notice. We are livestreaming Morning Prayer 8:30am weekdays through our facebook page. Join us! We will also live stream Sunday 10:30am through our facebook page. This will be a shorter service with music, the gospel, a message, prayers. 

Small Groups

We are using Zoom Video Conferencing for meetings. If you want to participate in prayer group, bible study, committee meetings, vestry meetings, etc, please sign up for a zoom account and check our email and website for meeting times.

Please share your stories witnessing the presence of the Lord in and through the lives of your neighbors. Tell us your ideas about how we can be present with and for each other.

Resources for empowerment
Let’s help each other find reliable resources for health, safety, happiness, and well being.
Get and share information about the virus from the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health.
If you or a neighbor needs help with food, shelter, rent, utilities or anything else related to daily needs. Contact RARA at 463-6642. We support them and they will direct people to us for help through our Mission Emergency Fund.
Learn to use ZOOM and video streaming!

Share other resources you find empowering!
None of us can find the way alone, and even if we could, every journey is better with a friend. God is with you. Be present to God. 

“Then surely I can trust thy love for all the days to come, that I may tell thy praise, and dwell forever in thy home.” Ps 23:6 

With Gratitude,


Parish News

Sunday Sermon

Lenten Series
Wednesday, March 18

No Dinner

Session for Adults will start at 6:30 in Parish Hall

(Online video conferencing will be available)

wHoly Conversations

Discussions about our Life in Christ and the World Around Us

March 18 Becoming Beloved Community

Is Grace a Welcoming, Affirming and Safe Community to our LGBTQ Friends? 

Helping Our Neighbors

We have the opportunity to help our neighbors at Christ Church in Buena Vista and those they serve.  Their mission, Community Closet, serves the greater Rockbridge County area with clothing and household items at no charge.  The Closet is open every Saturday from 9 AM to noon and needs volunteers to help clients during these hours. The goal is to have four teams of two people from Grace for each Saturday. You are invited to share in this ministry by contacting Grace’s Gail Dickerson at or home phone 540-817-3466, or Christ Church’s Susie Trimble at 540-461-1299 or

A Lenten Call to Prayer, Fasting and Repentance Leading to Action

Grace Episcopal Church: Moving Forward

Click here for a powerpoint of the New Organ and Chancel Renovation proposal.

Exploring a Prayer Discipline

Mondays 10 am

Exploring a Prayer Discipline with Fr. Tuck on Monday’s at 10 AM.  The class is held in the Library.

Tuck Bowerfind joins
Grace as Rector

Grace Episcopal Church has called The Rev. Ellis Tucker "Tuck" Bowerfind to serve as their Rector. Fr. Tuck comes from St. Luke's, Alexandria, VA, where he has served as rector since 2003. We welcome Tuck and his wife Delea to Lexington!

Bishop's Visit and Confirmation

Mark Bourlakas, 6th Bishop of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia visited Grace Episcopal Church for Confirmation on Sunday, December 22. Six youth and five adults confirmed their baptismal covenant. Bishop Bourlakas also received one adult and three additional adults reaffirmed their faith. 

Reflections of Grace

Reflections or Announcements from the Rector, staff and members of Grace Church

Bidden or Not Bidden  December 22

                                                                                        Canterbury Update      January 12

                                                                                  What Songs Do We Sing? January 15

Youth Pilgrimage to The Cathedral of St. John's the Divine in NY, NY March 4


To submit an event to the church calendar please contact Lisa McGuire  or Sharon Massie