Every Perfect Gift
Pledge Campaign 2021

As we share our gifts through and through our service to the world,
we participate in God's ongoing creation of abundance and generosity the Eucharist.
Every pledge is gratefully received and faithfully used for God's mission through Grace. 

The descending dove in the cinquefoil of the Lee window is a wonderful symbol of Grace Church.

Let the dove represent God’s mission of

reconciliation through Jesus Christ.
Let the center circle
represent our full time personnel.

  7/12 of our expenses are for our
Rector, Minister of Music,
 Program Director, Parish Administrator.


Each lobe of the cinquefoil  represents: 1/12 for remaining operating expenses.

1/12 to support the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia.

1/12 for Christian Outreach.

1/12 for building utilities and maintenance.

1/12 for administrative program and office expenses.

1/12  for part time-time Sexton and Bookkeeper and additional music and worship program support.

Over the years, many people have provided

generously for Grace’s ministry through planned gifts.  

2021 Income

  •  Your pledges support 10/12 of Grace’s operating expenses—           $505,000 
  •  Endowment Income from planned gifts provides $79,000/year.
  • Other  giving—$19,000/year

2021 Expense

Diocesan Pledge - $54,120

The Diocese of Southwestern Virginia supports Bishop Bourlakas and his staff, Grace House on the  Mountain, Boys Home of Virginia, Stuart Hall School, Virginia Episcopal School, Phoebe Needles Conference Center, and Westminster Canterbury.  Grace’s share is 10% of our  operating  expense less Outreach.

Community Outreach  - $58,700

Grace dedicates 10% of pledge income to outreach. For support of  Local, Diocesan and International needs.

Utilities and Maintenance - $50,000

  • Grace keeps buildings safe, operational, and attractive for God’s work.

Administrative Costs - $50,500 

  • Program Expense - $8,650
  • Office expense - $29, 300
  • Administrative expenses $18,000

Part-time staff and other - $52,000

  • Sexton and Bookkeeper - $32,000
  • Additional Music and Worship program support - $20,700


Fulltime Personnel - $350,000

  • salary, insurance, pension Rector, Minister of Music,
           Program Director, Parish Administrator